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Chơi Game Crocs And Gators

Gửi lúc 11h:54 10/01/2014đã chơi : 314 lần Tags:|1 Người chơi|Flash|Free Game|Bắn súng|Hành động

Mô tả Game:

Bob's mom was cooking dinner at home when he noticed "some funny looking gators" (crocs) near his home. He tells his mother about the weird creatures who feel insulted by his remarks and decide to wage war against him and his family. Bob must protect himself and his home but most importantly stop those Nazi Crocs.

Hướng dẫn chơi:

Use the mouse to point the gun to the crocks and use the left button mouse to shoot.In order to move Bob to left, right or jump use the arrow keys.

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