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Chơi Game Kingdom Rush 1.082

Gửi lúc 11h:41 08/01/2014đã chơi : 1256 lần Tags:|1 Người chơi|Flash|Free Game|Android game|Mua Thiết bị Nâng cấp|Ảo thuật|Chiến thuật|Mụ phù thủy|Phòng thủ|Chiến tranh|Tháp|Phù Thủy

Mô tả Game:

Kingdom Rush 1.082 Hacked. You've got ten times more money and full upgrades points. All skills can be used without purchase. This facilitates your fighting difficulties and gives you more energy to fight. Come to defend your kingdom, fight with witch, wizard, monsters, and evil spirits. Build your tower defense in mountains, hills, forests, and wastelands. Upgrade your towers and strengthen your army in this tower defense war strategy game.

Hướng dẫn chơi:

This game is played with mouse only.
Note: Click "Skill Upgrades" to at the beginning to have full skill points.

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