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Chơi Game Moon Defender Game

Gửi lúc 11h:21 10/01/2014đã chơi : 330 lần Tags:|1 Người chơi|Flash|Free Game|Bắn súng|Vũ trụ|Bắn hết|Tiểu hành tinh|Mặt trăng

Mô tả Game:

A fast paced fight for Earth's fate. Destroy waves of enemies and gather power-ups for the sake of all humanity. Every enemy gets you closer to the next wave- but don't take your time! Collect ammo and spend it wisely on the upgrades to make your job easier.

Hướng dẫn chơi:

A,D / Left, Right Arrow Keys - Move.
Mouse - Aim / Shoot.

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