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Chơi Game Robecca Steam Hairstyles

Gửi lúc 11h:40 10/01/2014đã chơi : 155 lần Tags:|1 Người chơi|Flash|Free Game|Con gái|Girls|Thay đồ|Cartoon|Makeover / Make-up

Mô tả Game:

Robecca Steam is a 116-year-old robot and the daughter of a Mad Scientist. She always has wavy, half-curlyish black hair with blue streaks. But today she wants a new hairstyle. Can you help her out? First give it a good washing and then create a lovely new hairdo. Finally dress her up with a beautiful outfit and give Robecca some gorgeous makeup.

Hướng dẫn chơi:

This game is played with the mouse only.

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