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Chơi Game Tank 2012 3

Gửi lúc 11h:46 10/01/2014đã chơi : 320 lần Tags:|1 Người chơi|Flash|Free Game|Bắn súng|Hành động|Vui nhộn|Game quảng cáo|Retro|Xe Tăng

Mô tả Game:

Added a new two-player mode and custom map mode, you can build barriers when you play at the same time. when you eliminate all enemy ,tanks that enter the next level, if your tank life is 0, or command apartment is hit, the game ends. When hit the enemy tanks precisely , it will randomly appear some rewards such as tank upgrade, suspension, to increase the life and so on.

Hướng dẫn chơi:

WASD or direction keys to control tank forward or back , J Key and 1 Key to launch bullet

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